Saturday, May 15, 2004

Once Upon A Time...

Lori, 27, Atlanta. Originally from Orlando, and I have a mother and a sister who live there. My father was the most amazing man, but sadly passed away unexpectedly several years ago. I was born in Taiwan and lived half my life in Asia. My mother is Chinese and my father was Irish/American, so I'm Asiacan. It works out pretty well, as I have a bit of exotic, freckles, and a liver that won't quit.

I have a lot freckles. I have big feet. I also think I have a big nose. I'm lactose intolerant. I'd rather have a beer than a glass of wine. I know a hell of a lot about art that no one really talks about. I'm right handed because I follow some rules. I listen to great music because I didn't follow other rules.

There was a long stretch of my life where I thought I had everything planned. I went to school, met a boy, quit smoking, moved in with boy, got real job, went to grad school, got married, bought house, started thinking about babies, ta da. Unfortunately said boy turned out to be something other than what he was, and the demise of my marriage unfolded rather quickly and expensively. So there I was, penniless and divorced only after 3 years, moving in with mom. Oh yeah, and the blog.

I somehow found myself on the path to online dating. There were months of trial and errors, bad and worse boys, and I eventually decided to give up for a while. It was then, that very night while trying to disable my account, that I came across the profile of a handsome, witty, and incredibly charming man that I fell in love with. Ridiculously fairy-tale-like; I shit you not.

I fell in love with him the moment we met, and we said it out loud 10 days later. There has not been one day we haven't spoken to each other. The boy and I had two blissful months before he was transferred to Atlanta. He sat me down and asked me to go with him, and I said 'yes.'

So there you have it. After 4 long months, the girl got to start spending the rest of her days with the love of her life. The job, the apartment, and everything else fell into place. We're going to get married, we're going to have babies, and I'm going to love staying at home and baking all day despite the highly educated liberal background. The boy who learns Chinese and eats jellyfish to please my mom, the one who serenades me with 60s pop songs while wearing Mr. Bubble to please me is here... and I'm ready.